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Long hair do not dressed like this to the United States to burst the table!

Long hair do not dressed like this to the United States to burst the table! Little love letter every day: I do not know what to say cheap nike air max, I just suddenly at this moment, miss you Wonderful tips: click on the top of the blue account name a key attention, reply to the number 0, view the twelve constellations depth analysis; reply to any letter a-z, see the constellation love small test! For girls cheap nike running shoes, tossing hair just like losing weight, simply can not stop! The The Today to share with you several nike trainer shoes, both good-looking and studious hair, the United States girl who, against it! One: the first hair is divided into three parts, followed by a horse tail, like sauce purple: two: and then the tail from the middle of the separation of the rest of the rest of the hair into all nike running shoes. (Forgive the small buds so crazy description of TT_TT, the United States girl who see Figure) two: all stuffed, remember to use a hairpin fixed, and then a little hand finishing shape nike air max shoes. Four: then to get the hair in front, start from the side. From the above two points out of hair 1,2; 1,2 staggered once, join 3, continue to staggered down, and then like twisted twist all the hair are compiled up. Five: according to the above steps, repeated staggered, has been twisted to the tail ~ six: and then with a small clip, it will be fixed to the back. Seven: the other side with the same way Oh ~! Eight: the last step, stereotypes! Copyright: If you are involved in copyright issues, please authorize the ownership of this link

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