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Bridesmaids pull hair tutorial, choose a left to yourself!

Bridesmaids pull hair tutorial, choose a left to yourself! A wedding is the most striking is the bride, followed by the bride next to the maids who, as the bride's good girlfriend, bridesmaids beautiful is also to the bride glory cheap nike air max sale. Today to introduce several beautiful US bridesmaids hair tie tutorial, elegant and with a natural beauty, absolutely let you a new height. ▼ The first paragraph: the side of the horse tail is a popular hair style, this side of the horsetail to join the twist of the design, even more chic eye. How to do it? Plus WeChat: kkp495 teach you easy to learn thin! Step hair step: step1: the back of the hair as shown in the same as the reverse. step2: fixed with rubber band. step3: Finally, with decorative embellishment, tie hair to get friends. The second paragraph: cat ears princess head of the hair before the twist out of the cat-like curvature, cute and lovely shape sweet eyes. Pull hair steps: step1: the amount of hair on the left and right sides were twisted out of a braid, and then gently push forward to create a cat ear effect. step2: will be a good twist in the back with a hairpin fixed. step3: and then gently pull the head of the hair bundle nike air max 2017, so that hair style more full of natural. The third paragraph: chic low horse tail long Liuhua hot out of the aesthetic sense of curvature, fluffy low tail with crystal hairpin embellishment, noble and charming. Step hair step: step1: first long hair hair into a loose tail. step2: remove the hole from the hair band above the rubber band, the horsetail from top to bottom interspersed. step3: the final fixed with a crystal hairpin, complete hair tie. The fourth paragraph: the side of the princess head + bowknot hair clip oblique bangs and side bar hair together to create elegant and elegant temperament nike air max sale, a blue tie hairpin embellishment, sweet romantic hair is absolutely eye-catching. Tie step: step1: first from the top of a bunch of hair cheap nike dunk shoes, with a dense tooth comb hair to increase fluffy feeling. step2: left and right sides of the hair after leaving a bunch of hair will head up with their fingers. step3: clockwise twist after a few times with a bowknot hairpin fixed, a little care to complete the hair. Source: 999 tide hair copyright notice: If the copyright issues involved cheap nike air max, please author ownership of this link with the network

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