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Pu Gui-hui came to court without wearing a card

According to the Korean media reported on the 21st, that afternoon,nike air max 2017  Park Jiu-hui travel to Seoul Central District Court, to participate in "cronyism" case 56 public trial. And the usual difference is that this day Pu Gui Hui did not wear a card,nike free run 2017  her white hair with the wind messy, particularly conspicuous. And earlier in Cheong Wa Dae as president, she spent more than an hour every day carefully pan head. Pu Yee-hui's abnormal performance led to public speculation, there are people or with their mood changes have been significant.
According to the Korean media reported that Park Ji-hui served as president of Korea during the day to spend more than 1 hour in the Cheong Wa Dae careful care of hair.nike air max shoes  April 16, 2014, South Korea, "Shi Yue" passenger ship accident occurred the same day, Park Ji-hui also went to Jiangnan district barber shop to do hair, in order to help her to create a successful hairstyle, barber with more than 10 card , Plus make-up, etc., a total of one and a half hours or more.
However, on March 31 this year, Park Ji-hui was transferred to the Seoul Detention Center, her iconic hair shape disappeared. Since then, she participated in a number of court trial, only with a simple hair fixed hair. nike free run shoes And like today, do not wear a card, any hair with chaos, it is rare. In this regard, there are people in South Korea speculated that, or with Park Jiaying my mood related to major changes.

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