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mmopm Apr 16

There are four character classes in Trion Worlds’ Diablo-style MMO Devilian launching next week in North America—busty woman stout man Dante from Devil May Cry and uncomfortably young-looking girl with a gun.

Having dabbled with all four classes now I regret to inform you that the one I enjoy playing the most is.Devilian Gold well you see where this is going.Ranged attacks massive explosions area-of-effect chaos—the Cannoneer is the bomb in combat. I just wish she were taller. And didn’t skip about merrily. Could we get her some jeans?

It’s probably a South Korean thing. Specifically a South Korean developer called Bluehole Ginno thing because Bluehole is also responsible for En Masse’s MMO TERA which features an entire race of little girls with ears and tails.Once you get over the initial awkward Devilian has a lot going for it. It has lovely mouse-based action role-playing combat an expansive world that’s easy to navigate thanks to Autorun command that paths your character directly to their quest objective. I hear the PVP is lovely. Plus Devilian is fun to say in a dramatic voice.