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bert dell Jan 26

AMD is reportedly going to release FreeSync 2 technology at CES 2017. According to information from VideoCardz and Kotaku Australia, FreeSync 2 will come with new advantages.

One it is able to bring lower latency when doing rendering. Thus, users can experience a better visual experience. More information about this feature is still unknown, including the ranks of any graphics card that will support this new feature.

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One thing is certain, the reduction of latency when rendering will be very influential, especially for gamers. The presence of FreeSync 2 is also a proof of AMD increasingly targeting gamers market, especially competitive gamers.

In addition, FreeSync 2 is rumored to be present with visual optimization of HDR content. It seems AMD also does not want to miss the current trend of monitor technology, which is shifting from 4K resolution to HDR.

The process of rendering HDR content does take longer. By using FreeSync 2, the rendering time can be shortened to provide better latency.
The two big questions left are how the FreeSync 2 ecosystem and its compatibility with the first FreeSync. Can previous FreeSync monitors support FreeSync 2 technology? Let's wait for AMD's answer in CES 2017.