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inlineclosure Jan 19

It is used for two or more cable between the protective connection, Greentelftth fiber distribution, is the user access point one of the commonly used equipment, mainly to complete the Inline Closure and the entry line cable in the outdoor connection, and according to FTTX then In the optical fiber placement device, the fiber optic connector should be installed without any significant attenuation. In the operation of the installation of the cable connector box, the optical fiber connector should be installed without any significant attenuation.

Depending on the capacity required for the splice box, the number of disks to be superimposed on the splice tray is determined. The stacking type of the splice tray must conform to the snap-in unit of the fiber optic splice closure and check and maintain the requirements.

Currently in the FTTH network deployment, we have the most commonly used two types of fiber optic splice closures. One is the same side of the cable into the cap-type fiber optic splice closure, the other is both sides of the cable out of the linear joint box.

Fiber closure is often used with outdoor fiber-optic cables to provide space for splicing of outdoor Greentelftth fiber-optic cables. The fiber optic closure and the internal fiber tray will protect the splice part of the spliced fiber and outdoor cable. Typically, the fiber optic connector closure is dome and horizontal, and the horizontal fiber connector is closed more frequently.

Fiber PLC Splitter is an integrated waveguide optical power distribution device based on a quartz substrate. As with a coaxial cable transmission system, optical network systems also need to couple, branch and allocate optical signals, which requires optical splitter.

It is one of the most important passive devices in DOME Fiber Closure. It is a fiber optic remover device with multiple input terminals and multiple output terminals. It is especially suitable for connecting to the passive optical network (EPON, GPON, BPON, etc.) And the terminal device and realize the shunt of the optical signal.