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Xiao Yueyue Jan 18

As the highest tier of chainbody in the game, Dragon Chainbody is very difficult to gain. And the most well-known monsters to drop RuneScape gold Dragon Chainbody are Kalphite Queen, Dust Devils and Smoke Devils.


Today let's learn some tips to defeat them.The general information about Dragon ChainbodyIt’s very rare to gain a Dragon Chainbody, among the above three types of monsters, the Kalphite Queen has the highest drop rate for the Chainbody with 1/128. On the contrary, the Dust Devils and Smoke Devils have the tiniest drop rate with 1/32,768.


The Chainbody grants almost the best bonus compared with many other armor sets. but for the lack of strength bonus, many players prefer to choose a Fighter Torso or Bandos Chestplate for daily training. and the OSRS Bandos Chestplate is always be chosen for melee training, slayer tasks, and other prolonged combat encounters.Kalphite Queen.


Most of all, you should take the Kalphite Queen seriously, for she is one of the strongest bosses in the game. For she can make the players suffer from large amounts of damage with her Ranged and Magic Attacks, it’s better to only take items into the lair which you are ready to lose.Dust Devils and Smoking DevilsThe Dust Devils can be found in the Smoke Dungeon and the Catacombs of Kourend, and they require Slayer level 65 to kill.


Above all, you have to use a facemask or a slayer helmet when fighting against Dust Devils, for they make use of clouds of dust, sand, and ash etc. to blind and disorient you.The Smoke Devils are the mutated version of Dust Devils and can be found in the Smoke Devil Dungeon.


And they require Slayer level 93 to kill. The same as the the Dust Devils, a facemask or a slayer helmet is absolutely necessary to kill the Smoke Devils.Which armor do you prefer of old school runescape gold, Dragon Chainbody or OSRS Bandos Chestplate? Do you think the tips about Kalphite Queen or others are useful to you? Please let’s know your opinions and buy cheap RS 2007 gold on mmogo.The mmogo Team Extend DMM Season 6 XP Cap to July 5 & Buy Deadman Season 6 Gold.