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chen chen Aug 9

strengthen the floor enterprises mushroomed

meters The A single spark can start a prairie fire. Even the forest people themselves did not expect, through their own unremitting exploration and efforts, in the next few years, strengthen the floor enterprises mushroomed, has been unconventional development,Main Features of WPC Wall Panel and quickly grow into a local pillar industry. They rely on quality and cheap, variety, full specifications of the competitive advantage, to meet the needs of consumers at different levels, product sales covering all parts of the country, the market share year after year, in the domestic market has achieved a solid strong position. At present, the town a total of more than 400 floor

industry related enterprises, of which more than 150 terminal production enterprises, with the international advanced level of the heroic production line 5, the floor slotted line 280, dipping line 101, paste line 142, Leaching paint line 21, printing line 23,Application of WPC Products the flooring industry accounted for the proportion of industrial economy in Henglin Town, reached 22%, production capacity of the region's total capacity of more than 90%. Henglin has become the country to strengthen the wood flooring industry in the production capacity of the largest, most varieties of color, supporting the strongest collaboration, the best production base of

agglomeration effect. In the domestic market to achieve fruitful results at the same time, Henglin flooring from 2002 to actively explore the international market, is now exported to the United States, Canada, Britain, Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong and other 29 countries and regions,Outdoor Eco-Friendly Decking Solutions with self- 30, from the export of five manufacturers in 2002, 10 batches, the number of 31,000 square meters surge to the export of 35 manufacturers in 2004, 400 batches, the number of 5 million square meters. Orderly competition into the group "only work together, the five fingers hold the boxing, playing out to have the power!" Henglin town party secretary Guo

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