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luntanchen Jul 4

To allegorize the capability of the air purifier, the aboriginal catechism to be answered is whether the air bactericide can abolish solid or aerial pollutants from the air. This will alpha from the alive assumption of the Nitrogen Generator to illustrate. For accomplished particles, the air bactericide needs to be done by some bureau to accumulate the accomplished particles on the filter. There are abounding bureau to stop the particles, summed up no added than two ways: the particles themselves hit, or clarify through a assertive force to blot the particles. The aloft is by itself added able for beyond particles, and the closing is added able for abate particles. The aggregate of the two methods is difficult to clarify out, that is, those array of baby particles - that is acclimated to calibrate the ability of the accepted accomplished particles (aerodynamic bore of 0.3 micron particles). The use of consumables clarify of the two filters at the aforementioned time administer the principle; and for non-consumable high-voltage electrostatic filter, again the capital adsorption, alone one of the ways.

For aerial pollutants, the accepted applicable access is basically alone activated carbon. Possible advance is the accession of activated carbon adsorption on the base of the catalyst, so that adsorption of formaldehyde and added aerial amoebic amount can be allotment of the decomposition, thereby accretion the accumulative ablution of the filter.

In short, for altered pollutants, the basal assumption of air bactericide is to abide to accomplish the calm air circulation, and the use of a bureau of air pollutants adsorbed on the filter, and again clarify the air discharged, To abide the antecedent of pollution, apple-pie calm air purposes.

For a anchored room, if the alien altitude do not change, again the allowance will anatomy a activating balance, that is, the acceleration of ablution and abuse amount is flat, the assemblage time into the arrangement of chapped amount and acquittal arrangement particles equal, again the calm air The superior does not change, that is, the amount of change is zero, that is, the sum of the sum of the ante of the two routes of abuse in the aloft 5 approaches is according to the sum of the ante of the three ablution paths.

In the case of astringent haze, the capital antecedent of calm chapped amount is infiltrated by the outside, and the calm abuse antecedent apparent as No. 4 is altered from room, which is difficult to quantify and is not acceptable for abstract calculation. Therefore, it is anon alone here. The activating calm declared aloft becomes the amount at which the particles penetrate, according to the sum of the ante of sedimentation, bactericide purification, and accustomed acquittal of the three ablution pathways.

The amount of chapped amount aggression into the allowance is accompanying to the absorption of alfresco particles, the amount of calm ventilation, and the assimilation accessory of the particles biting through the assorted gaps into the room. The sedimentation amount is accompanying to the absorption of calm particles and the accustomed sedimentation coefficient. The amount of ablution is a CADR value, while the accustomed acquittal is the aggression of the about-face process, area the assimilation through a array of gaps accept no effect, because as continued as the discharge, whether it is absolved to the alfresco Nitrogen Machine, or adsorption in the Affectionate of gap, accept larboard the calm air system, it is the absorption of calm chapped amount and blast accessory of the product.