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bert dell Jun 23 '17

Dee is known to have a disproportionate body weight, because with a height 175 cm body weight reached 125 kg. This condition makes him feel very depressed and withdraw from social life.

Not infrequently sometimes he cried when he saw himself in the mirror and always feel panicked when he had to leave the house. This makes him think that he is a girl who is unhappy because it has a fat bubble.

The 26-year-old Dee is increasingly aware of her excess weight when she comes to her friend's birthday party in January 2010. There she sees many slim-bodied women and increasingly makes her realize that her excess weight is over.

The first thing he did was make a database of what foods he could consume and which ones to avoid. He uses it as a diary of everyday food.

In addition he joined the gym gymnasium and routinely exercise, and cycling routine and happy to walk. This little change is of course good for the diet program.

Not to forget he also set how much portion of food to be received so that the body does not overload and accumulate so fat. Even so Dee realized that in certain conditions he experienced boredom and also no weight loss that occurred.

But this does not necessarily make it easy to give up. He still maintains motivation in him one of them wants to use a bikini and walk on the beach, especially he was lucky to get full support from beloved family.

Dee struggle for almost a year was not in vain, he managed to lose weight as much as 54 kg. Now his self-confidence seemed to increase 10-fold and he became more optimistic.
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