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julylee Jun 21 '17

RF Welding Machine is also popular because it does not require special joint design and consumes less welding time. It is specifically used for sheet welding and thin films with a thickness between 0.001 and 0.050 inches. The RF soldering electrode is connected to the high frequency (ie 27.12MHz) and high voltage interface. It is limited to materials with higher dielectric losses.

The following parameters are used for RF soldering. Voltage is the voltage required for the electrode. Frequency refers to the frequency of the applied electric field. The holding time is the length of time after sonication. The amount of force applied by the welding force to the component. The electrode separation is initially the thickness of the material; it is the distance between the electrodes at the end of the welding cycle.

One of the hot melt adhesives for thermoplastics and thermoplastic composites is ultrasonic welding. This type of welding is achieved by applying low amplitude and high frequency. This process results in periodic deformation of the part. This cycle of energy is converted into heat within the thermoplastics by intermolecular friction. The higher heat on the surface portion is sufficient to melt the thermoplastic material, thereby melting the components to be connected.

Ultrasonic welding is most commonly used for mass production because the welding time is relatively short. The welding time is usually less than about 1 second.

Ultrasonic welding is suitable for semi-crystalline thermoplastics and amorphous. It is one of the widely used plastic technologies. It is also one of the techniques for bonding different materials.

It is also possible to insert metal thread protrusions or any other components into the thermoplastic parts using ultrasonic energy. This is called ultrasonic insertion. Other techniques known as ultrasonic crushing are used to connect a thermoplastic component to, for example, a second material of metal. High Frequency PVC Welding Machine - http://www.davison-machinery.com/...pvc-welding-machine/