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julylee Jun 21 '17

Warm-up: Before running on the China Treadmill, warm-up on the leg stretch, which is the most basic sports skills.

Leg stretch: stretching after exercise is the key point. Stand away from the wall at arm’s length and hold the wall, to a 30 degree angle. Hold for 5 minutes, feel the muscles of your leg stretched infinitely, and adjust according to your body's flexibility.

Soak legs in hot water: hot water soaking with after running is also a stovepipe approach. After soaking, massage your calves with lotion until thoroughly absorbed. After coating, gently massage the lower leg and let the muscles relax completely.

Women exercise, try to make the movement standard, consciously bring the body in motion, act the running reaction on the whole body, not all in the leg, which will not thicken the calf, but get sexy legs. After running, do leg muscle stretching and massage immediately, let the leg muscles restore the normal length before, this approach can also increase the flexibility of the muscles, let the muscles maintain good flexibility. Keep it for a while, and your legs will become longer and compact. We only need to master the standard and integrity of the action, 30minutes to 1 hour on the treadmill, at the same time, control diet (keep in mind that the diet is actually the intake and consumption battle, as long as your daily intake of energy is less than the calories you consume, you are successful. How to control the diet.? The easiest way except all kinds of nutritional meals is to have a hungry feeling an hour before lunch and dinner, and eat only half full at one meal. What is half full? You don’t have a sense of hunger, but it's still a long way from fulling up) then you can shape a perfect body.

Men exercise, reducing body fat ratio is the basis of exercise, also the most important. Aerobic exercise is the key, we suggest, for men, running exercises by Portable Treadmill should be more than 1 hours every day so as to burn fat.