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chen chen May 18 '17


Traditional solid wood flooring is still fascinating, derived from natural wood, and low price difference according to different tree species. Solid wood flooring in the process, the adhesive does not require any treatment, processing equipment. Common are flat mouth, tongue and groove, finger, integration refers to the floor.

Solid wood flooring is more expensive, is the floor of the high-end products. Low-grade wood flooring Ash also 100 yuan / square meter, while the precious wood species such as teak flooring to 400 yuan / square meter. The advantage is the feeling of walking good grade. But handled properly easily deformed, require regular waxing, easy to clean. Second, the parquet - not easily deformed, parquet wood can be divided into multi-layer, three-layer parquet, is characterized by good dimensional stability. In multi-layer parquet wood plywood for the substrate, and then to stick above a certain thickness of a sheet of precious wood mosaic panels or sliced ??veneer for the panel, and then through a synthetic resin glue --- urea-formaldehyde resin or phenolic resin glue hot pressing, and then processed into flooring.

As the name suggests, open look three parquet wood is composed of three layers, the surface layer of high quality specifications of rare hardwood slats mosaic panels, center of the substrate layer using soft fast-growing wood, the floor or the use of fast-growing poplar wood in hardwood. Three synthetic resin adhesive sheet by hot pressing, and then processed into flooring.

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hui May 23 '17

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