Well its appears Wall Street are corset style bra betting big on the notion that Tesla is set to become a big player in the automotive market as electric cars and autonomous driving vehicles grow in popularity.


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It's advanced corset style bra technology means that Tesla also has the potential to enter other markets, such as car-sharing worth $10 trillion as well as a $1 trillion logistics market, and a $2-$3 trillion energy storage market, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas.

Tesla is also womens bikinis sale venturing into solar panel production, it unveiled a range of sleek and streamlined solar panels designed to blend into roofs.

Tesla started taking requests for custom suit underwear quotes for the new solar panels on its website, which it says will be available this summer.


"If I'd moved one more vbrsevb44th time, I was going alone," Wegner jokes, his blue eyes glinting with amusement.

Wegner's service history was an obvious incentive to purchase the No. 1 supplier of U.S. military dress trousers, slacks and skirts, and Smithville looked like an idyllic home base for his family of six. But he knew little about the apparel industry. This much he did know: His entire business, and its 150 employees, were dependent upon one customer, and that customer's needs were rapidly diminishing. He needed to diversify, and fast.

How he's solving that problem has ramifications that could go far beyond Smithville.

By expanding his business, Wegner has inadvertently supplied what local designers and fashion advocates say Nashville desperately needs: the missing cog required to create a sustainable, scalable industry. Not only that, it could provide a model for cities across the U.S. to train, educate and find long-term job placement for local workforces, all while returning manufacturing operations to American soil.

The story behind it involves a lot of hard work, some serendipitous meetings and a dash of Disney magic.


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