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Date & time Aug 13 '17
Creator eiiuse

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Ms Karien Dekker

Karien research focuses on the role of communities in policymaking in neighbourhoods and schools, to improve social inclusion and cohesion in ethnically diverse neighbourhoods. In this research, she uses social network analyses, qualitative methods, and also advanced statistical modelling such as multilevel regression analysis.Karien has been involved as a researcher in the project 'With or Without the Voluntary Sector? A comparative study into the mobilising and intermediary role of the local social infrastructure in co production processes' (2006 She cooperated with Dr. Herman Lelieveldt, Dr. Ren Torenvlied and Dr. Beate V in this project. It was funded by the Netherlands Foundation of (NWO) and the Netherlands Institute for City Innovation Studies (NICIS).Mikola, M.,Colic Peisker, V.,Dekker, K. (2016). A community of mourners: collective sentiment, national belonging and the Muslim 'other' after the 'Sydney siege' In: Australian Geographer, 47, 325 339Colic Peisker, V.,Mikola, M.,Dekker, K. (2016). A multicultural nation and its (Muslim) ther? Political leadership and media reporting in the wake of the 'Sydney Siege' In: Journal of Intercultural Studies, 37, 373 389Havekes, E.,Coenders, M.,Dekker, K.,Van Der Lippe, T. (2014). The impact of ethnic concentration on prejudice: The role of cultural and socioeconomic differences among ethnic neighbourhood residents van cleef clover necklace sale replica In: Journal of Urban Affairs, 36, 815 van cleef arpels alhambra imitation necklace 832Havekes, E.,Coenders, M.,Dekker, K. (2014). Interethnic attitudes in urban neighbourhoods: The impact of neighbourhood disorder and decline In: Urban Studies, 51, 2665 2684Ursic, M.,Dekker, K.,Hrast, M. (2014). Spatial organization and youth participation: case of the University of Ljubljana and Tokyo Metropolitan University In: Annales. Series Historia et Sociologia, 24, 433 450Varady, D.,Kleinhans, R.,Dekker, K. (2014). Does public housing restructuring improve neighbourhoods and their residents but hurt nearby areas? A Dutch/US comparison. In: Renovations urbaines en Europe, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, Rennes, FranceDekker, K. (2013). Testing the racial proxy hypothesis: What is it that residents don't like about their neighbourhood? In: Understanding Neighbourhood Dynamics: New Insights for Neighbourhood Effects , Springer, Dordrecht, NetherlandsBakker, L.,Dekker, K. (2012). Social trust in urban neighbourhoods: The effect of relative ethnic group position In: Urban Studies, replica van cleef blue necklace 59, 2031 2047Dekker, K.,Varady, D. (2011). A comparison of Dutch and US public housing regeneration planning: The similarity grows? In: Urban and Practice, 4, 123 152Dekker, K.,De Vos, S.,Musterd, S.,Van Kempen, R. (2011). Residential satisfaction in European housing estates: A multi level research approach In: Housing Studies, 26, 479 499

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