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After the 1930s, the bra business gained corset style bra momentum. As popularity grew, so did the need for new bra history to be made as companies sought better support, as well as sexy undergarments. Adjustable elastic shoulder straps were added, along with padding and underwire.

In 1946, a man stepped into bra history by creating corset style bra a bra that was seen as more racy than practical. Frederick Mellinger was serving during World War II when he came up with the idea for his sexy lingerie. After coming home, he began a mail-order company in New York City, called Fredericks of Fifth Avenue.

Fredericks womens bikinis sale first offered lacy black bras and matching panties. In 1947, Mellinger moved to the west coast where he renamed and established the business as the popularly known, Fredericks of Hollywood. The business took off, and Mellinger made bra history again with the creation of the first push-up bra, in 1948. It was called Rising Star. He is also credited with inventing the front closure bra.

The 1970s brought another bra suit underwear history innovation, the sports bra. Costume designer Polly Smith, along with Lisa Lindahl and Hinda Miller, saw a need for a protective bra for sports. The three created the Jogbra. Taking a cue from the guys, the women fashioned the first Jogbra from two jockstraps.



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