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Date & time Jul 9 '17
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Leanne Lauricella, who runs the Goats of Anarchy rescue group in  suit underwear  Annandale, said a baby 

goat named Polly recently came to live with her and she soon realized the goat, which 

suffers from blindness and neurological issues, frequently displayed  babydoll chemise  signs of severe 


Lauricella sand Polly will run around the house crying loudly if she can't find her owner, 

and will "find a corner of a wall in the house, and she'll just start sucking on the wall,"

"So all the corners in our house have these little suck marks from her mouth," Lauricella 

told The Dodo.

She said the solution  infant animal costume came in the form of a child's duck costume -- complete with a hood 

and a pair of flippers -- she bought at Marshalls because she thought it would make for a 

cute Halloween photo.


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