Zeller or Johnson poe currency at center so that


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Zeller or Johnson poe currency at center so that the other team can't get to the rim unopposed Yet if you play one of those two then Lee is running pickandrolls or posting up with the other team's center digging down to clog the lane since a Zeller or Johnson jump shot isn't particularly dangerous Let Zeller or Johnson run the pick and rolls instead of


Lee and then you're missing out on Lee's one main strength his ability to score on the moveLee's game may just be better suited for a past era While some teams might find minutes for him anyway Stevens is one of the most modern coaches in the Big men that don't play defense or space the floor are being more and more extinct as the


moves on This is how progress worksThat's not to say Lee should expect a repeat of Golden Statehe shouldn't rack up as many DNPCDs Scoring is still a skill every team needs and the fact that Lee's a creative veteran who can pass helps his caseBut Lee's unlikely to see a return to his times as a starter takingshots per game Not with


the Celtics and poe marketplace honestly maybe not anywhere in the BEGIN VOLUME VIDEOEND VOLUME VIDEOsvg width height viewboxxmlnsworgsvgg fill fillruleevenoddpathgsvgh classcrelatedlistheadline palthead ArchivesPagR Smith gives back to the CavalierGood morning You have a solid week I sure hope so buddy Well alright Let's


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