Skräddarsydda Argentina fotboll tröjor For the team's status


Date & time Mar 4
Skräddarsydda Argentina fotboll tröjor For the team's status
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Atletico Madrid coach Coheni made it clear that the major international football league, especially the transfer deadline should be set on the same day, so that you can avoid Yannick - Carrasco, Nicholas - Gaitan from the team Later, "Bedouin Legion" can not embarrass the introduction of fresh blood. After the European football winter transfer market closed, the super-upscale Dalian side to spend heavily at the signing of Atletico Madrid Atletico Madrid and Gaitan, in the loss of these two aggressive avant-garde, Simoni's first team under Only 19 players left. In fact, as early as last week when Carrasco, Gaitan's transfer deal was not yet completed, Simonyi had expressed his concern when he said Dallas Cowboys Tröja in an interview with media reporters: "For now, it is A very bad time. Super player transfer market will not be closed until February 28, which is very negative for the European team .If the international football transfer market closed at the same time, then no problem No, because neither the team nor the players or coaches need to worry about it. " In the last two months, Atletico Madrid lost many players: In addition to Carrasco, Gaitan, the Argentinian midfielder Augusto - Fernandez also joined the super team Peking Man and; In addition, Lu Skräddarsydda fotboll tröjor Westiano - Bieto joined the Liga squad Valencia by loan, and goalkeeper Miguel Angel Moya switched to Royal Society after his contract. Therefore, even if Diego Portugal fotboll tröjor - Costa, Bitolo entered 2018 after qualifying for Atletico Madrid, however, Simonyi is still facing "embarrassment without straw" embarrassment. More and more international football players choose to go to the Super League play, which Simonyi also expressed his opinion, he said: "I do not want to comment on the player's personal choice, and as long as it is able to promote football I'm going to support and agree on the development of transfer deals, and it's their own choice if the players are hoping to make a bit more money to land in the Super League. Nothing surprises me in this field of professional football Because every moment, someone will make such a decision. " At the moment, there are only 19 teams left in the first team at Atlético Madrid. Skräddarsydda Argentina fotboll tröjor For the team's status quo, Simone said: "Fewer people do not make me feel worried, and I sincerely hope that those players who leave are doing well because At the same time as the Atletico Madrid, they have done their best.Although the current Atletico Madrid first team is small, but I still have a very competitive team, and I also be able to more easily allocate the players play time In my opinion, this is the most important thing. "


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