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Date & time Sep 14 '17
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Take a walk through van Gogh's masterpieces

On "60 Minutes Overtime" this week, we time travel back to a small town outside clover bracelet van cleef and arpels fake Paris in 1890, where a new resident named Vincent van Gogh was painting the town red . . . and green, blue, orange.

The paintings that van Gogh created when he lived in Auvers sur Oise are among his most memorable and beautiful, and through the magic of 3D computer graphics and our state of the art high definition studio, this week on Overtime, Morley Safer gives a stunning insider's tour of the town and other places where the restless painter lived.

As you'll see in this Overtime piece, Morley appears to enter and explore some of van Gogh's paintings walking across fields and around the towns that van Gogh so vibrantly captured.

As Morley strolls, virtually, through the paintings, he describes the art in van Gogh's own words.

"I have a . . . painting of a village church an effect in which the building appears purplish against a sky of deep van cleef bracelet knock off alhambra and simple blue," van Gogh wrote in one letter, describing one of his most loved works, "The Church at Auvers."

So how did we get Morley Safer to appear inside a 19th century work of art? The snapshots below will give you some sense for it.

In the first image, below, Morley is standing in front of a blue screen there is no backdrop, no projection on the wall. Just Morley, reading a van Gogh letter and walking around a bright blue studio and by the way, this is the same room in which we do all of our introductions to our "60 Minutes" pieces.

The next step happens in our control room, below, where Morley's image is isolated from the background (see the silhouette) . . . . . and digitally placed inside the painting.

And now the tada moment, below. Morley is no imitation van cleef and arpels gold bracelet longer in an all blue world he is walking around the multi colored, vibrant, swirling world of Vincent van Gogh.

That's the condensed version of a project that took a great deal of work and many talented people, including producer David Rubin, associate producer Rebecca Chertok Gonsalves, art director Bruce Jensen, and "60 Minutes" director Alicia Tanz Flaum.

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