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Date & time Sep 5 '17
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Van Niekerk finishes what mother wasn't allowed to at Olympics

She never got the chance. But her son is making up for it.Swarts' son, Wayde van Niekerk, won gold in the 400 meter sprint Sunday in Rio with a world record time of 43.03 seconds. track and field legend Michael Johnson for over 15 years. I remember hitting the 200 mark and still feeling there's not much people around me, and I got to the last 100 meters and I'm like, 'I still don't feel anyone close to me,'" van Niekerk told CNN in an interview.But 24 years ago van Niekerk's path to the Olympics, and even his ability to have a normal life, were very much in doubt."He was born (prematurely) at 29 weeks. I went into labor at 28 weeks Hermes birkin bags fake and there was no stopping him," his mother told CNN."He was very skinny . replica birkin handbags he was just flesh and bone. We were told if he makes it through the first 24 hours, he will have a disability," Swarts said. "Today he's standing on the world stage. Who would have ever thought?"When God created you, he created greatness. Proud of you me love. But for his mom it wasn't about missed opportunities for herself."If I had all those opportunities, my son wouldn't be here today. That imitiaton hermes bag era wasn't meant for me it was meant for the generation that's coming through now," she said. "We never had the opportunity to be on the world stage, as our athletes are doing now. God had a fake hermes bag plan for this era."For van Niekerk, his record setting race is much more than a point of family pride it's a symbolic moment for post apartheid South Africa.

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