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Date & time Sep 2 '17
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Meet the couples who workout together including Rosie Huntington

Toby Huntington Whiteley, 25, and Cecily Brown, 25

Toby and Cecily have been getting hot and sweaty together since day one. They met at their university rowing club in Bristol where Toby was in the first VIII and Cecily was their cox: 'I got to hang out with 20 hot rowers,' she recalls. 'Thankfully Toby wasn't opposite me in the boat, that would have been weird.'

Now living together in a flat in Ladbroke Grove, it's Toby who gets to shout the orders when he trains Cecily twice a week at Bulgari's Workshop Gymnasium. His client list also includes his supermodel sister Rosie: 'Rosie's worked really hard to get to where she is physically. She's always active: with a personal trainer or doing yoga, Pilates or ballet.'

Toby Huntington Whiteley, 25, and Cecily Brown, 25 (Picture: David Abrahams)

The family, who are based in Devon, have always been sporty and supportive of each other: 'They would come to watch me play football or rugby and we would go to watch Rosie play netball. My mum did some personal training when she was bringing us up, which inspired me.'


Rob Rowland, 32, and Hilary Gilbert, 34

Rob and Hilary are known as replica bvlgari jewelry necklaces the Underwoods of health and fitness for good reason. The House of Cards style power couple run their nightclub inspired Boom Cycle replica bulgari diamond necklace spinning classes from studios in Shoreditch and Holborn, where Hilary teaches up to 13 classes a week. At weekends they fit in an eight mile run around Richmond Park, close to the house they share. 'I always want to be the best,' says Hilary, a former model from Cincinnati who did campaigns for Valentino and Christian Dior when she was living in New York, 'but Rob's the main motivator. He's super strong.'

Rob Rowland, 32, and Hilary Gilbert, 34 (Picture: David Abrahams)

In fact, the couple, who met in 2008 at a mutual friend's gig in Camden, rarely work out alone: 'Training together means we don't have to be apart,' says Hilary. For Rob, the benefit lies in 'the added motivation to push yourself a bit harder'. They combine running and spinning with Reformer Pilates twice a week at Ten Pilates in Hatton Garden. 'Cardio plus Reformer equals abs,' adds Hilary, tensing her six pack. Post exercise, they go for coffee at Artisan in Chiswick and then head home to refuel on baked eggs with tomatoes and hot sauce.

'We are firm believers in not following fad diets, and cooking from scratch. As long as it's not processed, replica bvlgari mens necklace we'll eat it in moderation,' says Londoner Rob, who swears by coconut oil. 'I use it for everything, I even spread it on my toast.' Rob goes to two of Hilary's Boom Cycle classes a week, which have a huge following thanks to her 'badass' soundtrack of hip hop and bass heavy club anthems. 'It's always a serious cardio party in there,' he says. Does Hilary ever pick on him? 'I'll give him a high five, but I never pick on anyone. I just convince them it's a good idea to try harder,' she says. James and India met at Lomax gym in Chelsea and now live in Brook Green, having been together for eight months: 'It was a long time coming,' says India, founder of The Dot Project gallery in Chelsea.

James Pisano, 33, and India Whalley, 26 (Picture: David Abrahams)

India first noticed him at his high energy spin classes: 'I would only book James' classes and found myself shopping a lot more for B.zero necklace replica clothes from Lululemon and American Apparel,' she laughs. Then James, who was a Royal Marine Commando, would take her for two mile runs around Battersea Park after a 45 minute spin session. One day he showed up at her door to tell her he wanted more than a professional relationship: 'He brought a lot of chocolate. He already knew the way to win me over,' she says.

Time permitting, they train together most days at Fulham Fit, where he's based until he takes up a new role as head trainer at Core Collective in Kensington. They also squeeze in a couple of training sessions at home with glider pads on the polished concrete floor and TRX cables in the garden. The best thing about working out with James, says India, is that 'you're part of something together and you're both in a good mood afterwards because you've done something that's good for your health and your mind'.

Toby takes no prisoners as a trainer: 'He pushes you, in a good way, but I can be a bit of a madam. I don't always like being told what to do,' says Cecily.

After they've done an hour's session together, incorporating battle ropes, sprints and reps on the VersaClimber (a source of arguments: she thinks it's horrible, he says 'it's like being Superman'), Cecily, who qualifies as a naturopathic nutritionist later this year, takes charge in the kitchen.

'She controls my diet without me having to think about it, so I'm very lucky,' says Toby, whose favourite dish is her sweet potato mash. They eat a lot of brown rice and leafy greens, and in the morning are fired up by a Cecily special a smoothie of spirulina, spinach, avocado, almond milk, nut butter and blueberries.

The healthy lifestyle has paid off; Toby was recently signed by Models 1 and has just been shot topless by Mario Testino for the photographer's towelseries. He also fronts the Jacamo menswear brand. Surely it's only a matter of time before he's sharing a billboard with Rosie.

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